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Peridot and its properties and uses in jewelry making
About Zaburjad – history and introduction
Amethyst is one of the precious building stones in kenya that can only be found in green.
Many stones can be found in different colors ranging from light pink to blue; But aquamarine has an eternal green elegance.
Of course, the green color of this precious stone is directly related to the amount of iron in its crystal structure.
The green color of emerald varies from dark green to light green.
Because of the variety of colors in green emerald, sometimes this gemstone is mistaken for emerald.
One of the oldest precious stones in the world is azurejad, which dates back to 1500 BC.

How to discover an ancestor stone
This stone was first discovered on an island in the Red Sea near Egypt.
According to a legend, the inhabitants of this island had to collect stones for the Pharaoh’s treasury.
For this reason, the residents of the island were forced to work in the mines to extract stones during the day and night, and this became the reason for their discovery of the azurejad gemstone.
Because this stone created a beautiful glow during the night.
For this reason, the Egyptians proposed this stone as a gem of the sun and also as an emerald of the night.
In fact, emerald is known as the national gem of Egypt.

The place of formation of amethyst in the earth
In the past and now, the extraction of amethyst is considered one of the most unique stones; Because most rocks are formed in the earth’s crust
And this is while the azurejad gemstone is formed in the lower layers of the earth’s crust.
This stone is actually formed in the earth’s mantle, another stone that forms in the earth’s mantle is the diamond stone.
The depth of these rocks in the earth’s mantle reaches twenty to fifty miles.
Of course, in some areas due to the activities of the tectonic plate or the activity of volcanoes, emerald gemstones naturally reach higher levels than the earth’s surface.


Green peridot or olivine
Peridot is a gem-quality stone made of mineral olivine.
This stone belongs to the fayalite-forsterite mineral family.
Some call green amethyst olivine, but when it comes to gemstones, green amethyst is a better term.
Peridot is a gem with its own color, which means that its color is created as a result of chemical compounds inside it and has nothing to do with external impurities.
So it is only in green.
In fact, green amethyst is one of the few gemstones that has only one color.
Although various green colors such as light yellowish green and dark green are also seen in this.

Origin of the name Zubarjad
The name peridot is derived from the Arabic word for jewel, faridat.
Sometimes they call the poor man’s emerald or chrysolite, a word derived from the Greek word for gold stone.
This sample is one of the oldest gemstones, whose registration dates back to 1500 BC.
In the past, the volcanic island of Zabargad in the Red Sea, east of Egypt, was the most important source of these 3500-year-old stones.
Today, the best green amethyst of the highest quality is extracted from Mogok region in Burma, although Pakistani green amethyst is also of high quality.
There are also deposits of this stone in Arizona, China and Vietnam.
Green peridot has also been seen in meteorites that have hit the Earth, and it has also been discovered on Mars and the Moon in the form of olivine.

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