A Robot Made from an Average Brick Pavement in Bangladesh

Average brick paver is a type of flooring that is often used for external environments of buildings and structures, such as villa yards, park areas, and street sidewalks.

Paving stones can be called an example of building stones, with the difference that they are used on the floor, such as the floor of the parking lot or yard.

Paving stone has a more beautiful effect than other common flooring for outdoor environments such as grass, mosaic or asphalt.

Also, paving stone is very important in terms of architecture and in cities that have old architecture; Like Italy and France, it is widely used.


In the old architecture of Iran, the use of paving stones has been very popular.

For example, Seng Farsh Street of Tabriz, which is also known as the Champs Elysee Street of Tabriz, is completely covered with cobblestones.
What is paving stone? Pavement is created by placing stones together, regularly or irregularly.

This type of coating is often used for floors inside or outside the building.

Paving stone has high strength and in addition to beauty, it shows high resistance in different weather conditions.

This type of flooring is used for high traffic environments; Because it is resistant to impact and abrasion.

The use of paving stones? Paving stones have various uses in landscaping.

This type of covering can be used to build all kinds of paths and corridors.

The most common places where this type of covering is used in their construction are: villas, gardens, parks, sidewalks, around water features, city squares, old streets.

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