Aac Brick in Nepal That Caused a Chain Accident

The use of Aac brick in Nepal cannot be limited only in construction and porcelain tiles, and it is used in many fields.

Among the main uses of brick are in flooring, porcelain wall, foundation, interior decoration and facade.

In fact, several characteristics and advantages of brick such as: reasonable price, variety in models, color and its ability to be combined with stone, wood and other materials have made it possible to make appropriate and very creative uses of it.

It may seem at first glance that the use of brick in interior decoration and facade construction is outdated and not used as much as in the past, but it must be said that this is never the case!


Some people’s idea about the brick facade is the three-centimeter brick, which these days is outdated and less used than before, but since the brick has a very high variety and today, it is increasingly produced in both traditional and modern styles, its uses have also passed several times.

Among all manufactured bricks, bricks such as refractory bricks, Kazakh or traditional bricks, decorative bricks, rustic bricks and glazed bricks are used in interior and exterior.

Refractory brick is a type of modern brick that is created from the combination of porcelain clay and refractory clay in the furnace.

The variety of firebrick is very large and it can be seen in different designs, colors and dimensions.

The application of firebrick for interior decoration, due to its very high resistance, can be used to build fireplaces and barbecues and create a unique beauty in your home.

Also, this feature has made ovens and brick ovens to be made of refractory bricks.

Refractory brick is produced in simple, complete, shutter, tile, etc. designs, and since the application of refractory brick is very large in exterior and interior decoration, it is considered one of the most popular bricks.

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