vitrified floor tiles price per sq ft

The highest grade clay, silica and quartz are pressed to create a solid ceramic tile to create glass tiles. The cost of glass tiles for floors and walls starts from approximately Rs. 82 per sq ft and go up from there.

Glass floor tiles come in four different types: polished, glazed, double-glazed, and full body.

The term “glass tile” refers to ceramic tiles that have been reinforced, compacted and made more flexible using fused clay and silica.

One may choose from a variety of styles, patterns, and colors for glazed tiles to match the interior of one’s home.

In this respect, it is superior to conventional flooring materials such as marble and granite because they do not offer many design options.

How comfortable and durable are glass tiles?

A more durable option for flooring is glass tile. Despite the tile’s resistance to water and being suitable for outdoor use, the temperature of the floor changes depending on the weather.

Therefore, experts suggest installing a heating rug or something similar for a pleasant floor.

Glass tiles are easy to maintain. To maintain the shine and texture of the tiles, all that is required is a daily wipe with a damp towel.

In addition, they are resistant to water and frost due to their low porosity.

Due to its non-slip coating, it is superior to ordinary ceramic tiles. On glass tiles, other blemishes such as spots or flakes are easily visible, but what about living organisms such as microbes that are invisible to the human eye?

Although traditional flooring choices such as glass tiles may suit your needs, the question is: why settle for convenience when superior options are already available? When it comes to the highest quality and most versatile flooring solutions, nothing is as reliable as our company.

floor tiles 2×2 price list

The famous “2×2” tile size of 600x600mm is considered as the optimal floor tile size for residential and commercial locations.

Before getting the price list, you should note that these tiles are the right size to fit in large and small spaces.

They are neither “too big” nor “too small”. Glass tiles and eternal tiles are the most used because of their strength.

They are made of materials such as ceramic, double-charge and glass. These tiles can be bought between Rs 55 and Rs 327 per square feet.

Given that these tiles are offered in a variety of finishes including matte, ultra-gloss, gloss, lapato and satin matte, you’ll have plenty of options to add elegance to your room.

Stylish and water-resistant ceramic floor tiles are a great alternative to flooring. Ceramic is a more affordable alternative to basic stone and works great as floor tiles in bathrooms, kitchens and showers.

While wall tile is thinner and lighter for easy installation, floor tile is built to be strong and highly durable to withstand foot traffic. Depending on the size and weight, certain floor tiles can be placed on the walls.

I recommend that you get professional advice before deciding to install floor tiles on your walls.

How a floor tile works as a wall covering depends on several things. Because wall tile is so thin and delicate, it never makes a good flooring material.

Not all sales tiles can be the same, despite the fact that they may all look and even feel the same.

Depending on your demand and budget, the types of tiles will be more suitable for you.

After learning about the differences between ceramic, porcelain, and basic stone, decide which option is ideal for you.

vitrified floor tiles 2×2 price

Since there are many different types of tiles available, from porcelain and glazed to glass floor tiles, the average market price of 2×2 tiles is constantly changing around the world.

If you are changing your flooring, glass tiles are your best option.

In addition, several sizes and pattern prints are offered. If you want Italian marble, but your budget doesn’t allow it, you can use printed Italian marble tiles, including sculptural and boutique.

The most popular flooring size is 2 x 2 (600mm x 600mm).

All brands, large and small, maintain these sizes and ranges. For example, Kajaria, RAK, Nitco, Simpolo etc.

The best qualities of glass tiles that distinguish them from other selected tiles are as follows:


Clay and silica are combined to create glass tiles.

High temperatures are used to melt this material, giving it its distinctive texture. It is non-porous and has a luster similar to glass. In addition, unlike ceramic tiles, these tiles do not require.


Compared to granite or marble found in nature, these tiles are more durable and have more mechanical resistance.

In addition, it is stain and scratch resistant. The colors of the tiles survive even when exposed to direct sunlight.

It is the best option because of its long-lasting color.


These tiles are almost as thick as real granite and marble and are 10-12mm.


Glass tiles seem to be a durable alternative compared to many other tiles on the market.

For this reason, homeowners often choose these tiles as their preferred type of tiling.

Installing these tiles couldn’t be easier. After installing the tiles, there is no need to pay and take time. As a result, it is ready to use after only two days of installation.


It is very important to know that these tiles are of high caliber and come with a high caliber warranty.

Before packing and selling, each tile is briefly inspected. Tile manufacturers also ensure that marble tiles are uniform in size, thickness and color.

vitrified tile flooring

The only difference between glass tiles and ceramic tiles, whether used for walls or floors, is that glass tiles are superior to ceramic tiles. This is a type of tile that has been subjected to the glass freezing process and gives it very low porosity and low water absorption rate.

The most pleasant feature of glass tiles and slabs is their high strength and hardness.

Advantages of glass floor tiles

1) Durable

Compared to each other, these tiles are a more durable alternative to marble, granite and ceramic. This choice lasts longer than others.

2) Simple cleaning

The advantage of this flooring option is its ease of cleaning. No one enjoys spending half their life maintaining a tidy and spotless floor.

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