Using Talcum Powder Instead of Spices in Greek Dishes

The power of using talcum powder reaches 5 centuries. Before that, the combination of corn, kaolin and other materials were used as bleach in areas such as China and ancient Egypt.

Talc was first used by Indians in the Santa Catalina Islands in the United States for decorative purposes and to make utensils.

After that, in the 1800s, white immigrants used it in the construction, ornamental and furnace coating industries.

The use of talc in Iran dates back to 1945. Deh Musa talc mine was the first known talc mine in Iran and a certificate of its discovery was issued.

Until 1985, geological study was not carried out formally and regularly around talc in Iran.

For this reason, its extraction continued illegally. Therefore, the exact statistics of talc extraction from mines are not available.

When shopping, be sure to buy from reputable brands of cosmetics. Brands that do not use asbestos in its ingredients.

Prioritize the brands that use talcum powder substitutes such as silica, pikan (a type of starch), corn flower and kawasa plant root.

This is how you have taken care of your skin health. However, these products have a high price.

It is better to buy products that use mica instead of talcum powder.

China, South Korea, India, Brazil, the United States, France, Finland and Japan are among the largest producers of talcum powder.

China and India, followed by the United States, are the largest suppliers of talc. Only three companies in it provide all the talcum powder needs.

Metamorphic rocks on the eastern side of the Appalachian Mountains and convergent rocks in New Mexico, California, Montana, and Nevada are the most abundant deposits of this powder. In addition, it is also found in Texas as settled sediments.

As mentioned, making cosmetics is one of the uses of talcum powder. This powder is also widely used in other industries due to its anti-caking, anti-sticking and strong absorbent properties.

Talc is used in animal feed. It also prevents the growth of bacteria. For this reason, it is used in equipment to keep them clean. It reduces energy consumption, reduces production downtime and makes operator work safer.

In medicine, this powder is also used as a lubricant. It makes it easier to take solid drugs than powder. It is also used for tablet molding and destruction.

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