The Yield of Groundnut in the Hectare of Farmer’s land Caused the Attack of Iocusts

Say goodbye to dandruff with peanuts
In the previous sections, we discussed the effect of peanuts on strengthening and growing hair; But now it’s time to talk about other properties of this pleasant brain.

It is interesting to know that peanuts have unsaturated fatty acids that are good for skin and hair. The unsaturated fatty acid and vitamins in this oil seed strengthen the cells of the scalp and make the hair resistant to various diseases.

The resistance of the scalp cells makes the dandruff and scales disappear over time. Therefore, if you suffer from dandruff and dandruff, include peanuts in your food basket.

If you are looking for more effectiveness, get peanut oil or extract and use it to massage your head.

Prevention of gray hair; Another miracle of peanuts
With age, hair loses its pigments and gradually turns white. This is a natural occurrence in life and every human being will eventually experience it, but there are ways to delay graying of hair.

One of the best ways to prevent hair graying is to use groundnut yield per acre . Peanuts are rich in copper, which is an essential metal for the body.

بادام زمینی خام یا پخته - کامل (هلپ کده)

This metal helps stabilize the natural hair color and prevents hair from turning white. By including peanuts in your diet, you can supply the copper your body needs and delay the graying of your hair.

Peanuts, a suitable food for pregnancy
Pregnancy is a very sensitive period for women and the body needs to be strengthened more than ever.

During this period, symptoms such as hair loss are very common in women, and many women lose a lot of hair during pregnancy.

It is interesting to know that in this situation, you can get help from peanuts.

With the help of amino acids, peanuts strengthen the blood supply to the scalp and prevent hair loss by transferring enough oxygen to the skin.

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