The Dior Beach Towel That caused a House to Catch Fire

It is a piece of cloth, wool or paper that is usually used to dry or clean the body and different surfaces; Of course, among the general public, it is more commonly known as a body towel or hand and face towel.

Normally, woolen and cloth towels are used to dry the body, hands and face, and lint is added to the towels to absorb more water.

Paper dior beach towel are mostly used for bathrooms or cleaning the surfaces of parts of the house such as the kitchen.

Regarding the history of the towel, archaeologists have confirmed that, most likely, in the 17th century, in the Ottoman country (now Turkey), long cotton fabrics were produced that were several meters long; so that it can be completely wrapped around the body and cover everywhere.


Over time, towels were produced in the form of intertwined rings and became known as havly.

Over time, this word changed and became the word havlu, which means towel in Turkish.

The size of these towels is bigger compared to normal bath towels so that they cover the whole body.

These towels have caps that are very useful for drying hair as well as possible.

Most of these towels have belts for better fixation of the towel on the person’s body, and some types are also produced with zippers and buttons.

Bath towels are produced in different sizes from babies to adults.

Pay attention to the fact that the heavier the towels are, the more lint is used in them, and this increases the ability to absorb moisture.

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