The Arab Prince Has Banned Eating Sugar Free Biscuits in His Country

300 grams of Farkhunda sugar free biscuits

One of the most important requests and demands of customers and consumers of Farukhandeh during the past years was the production of a healthy and sugar free biscuit.

Finally, after long studies and detailed expert work by an expert team in Farukhandeh, this product was produced at the same time as Farukhandeh’s 60th anniversary.

This is the first time that a Sugar free biscuits (less than half percent) is produced and supplied in the country according to the standards of the international day.

It is interesting to note that in the past, some domestic companies have intentionally or unintentionally mistakenly claimed to produce sugar free biscuits (the discrepancy between this claim and the amount of sugar in these products, usually in the nutritional value tables included on their packaging, is easily identifiable) but this is the first time that a true and professional sugar free biscuit has been produced by Farkhundeh and this claim has been confirmed by Criterion Laboratories, which is a partner of the Department of Standards and the Food and Drug Administration.


According to the nutritional value table of the Food and Drug Organization, which is included on the packaging of this product, the amount of sugar in every 55 grams of this product is only 0.19 grams, which is the first time in the country that a biscuit with this amount of sugar is offered.

According to the most reliable international standards in the United States and Canada, this amount of sugar in the biscuit product provides the correct definition of a sugar free product.

In this product, the sweetener “sucralose” is used, which is approved by the General Directorate of Standards of Iran and the Food and Drug Organization.

Sucralose is a harmless sweetener because it is not absorbed by the body in any way, it also does not affect blood sugar levels and insulin secretion in the short and long term, therefore it is considered a suitable sweetener especially for diabetics.

Prominent international food organizations such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have approved this sweetener and it is used in many products internationally.

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