Strengthen Memory by Taking Baskin Robbins Cake Malaysia from Exams

Most of the parents who have school children consider baskin robbins cake Malaysia and cookies to be the most suitable snack for school students due to their volume and high satiety, and even some mothers include them in their child’s breakfast and feel free to prepare a A healthy breakfast and a nutritious homemade snack are a must.

There are different types of chocolate, plain, cream, Yazdi and raisin cakes, and the most caloric one is chocolate and cream and the most suitable is homemade raisin.

There are 400 calories in one hundred grams of chocolate cake, 350 calories in simple sponge cake, and 160 calories in one Yazdi cake.


Compared to other sweets, the cake has a very short shelf life due to its sponginess, and it quickly gets moldy in the high humidity environment and dries up in the open air.

For this reason, most manufacturers use a lot of preservatives, anti-mildew, agents and improvers to increase the shelf life of the product.

Although these types of additives are added under supervision, their continuous use is very harmful for people, especially children, and leads to side effects in the long run.

On the other hand, these products are made from white flour without bran and baking powder is used to make the cake texture puffy and crispy.

This powder is a mixture of baking soda, edible acid substances and CO2-producing compounds, which can cause severe stomach and intestinal ulcers and greatly reduce the body’s ability to absorb calcium and iron.

Therefore, it is better to prepare the cake at home with wholemeal flour and increase its nutritional value with some milk, raisins and some nuts.

Compared to cakes, due to its smaller volume and diameter and denser texture, cookies do not have pores that retain moisture, and for this reason, they have a longer shelf life.

One hundred grams of cookies contain 500 calories of energy and, like cakes, they have high fattening power.

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