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With the advancement of technology, the tile and ceramic industry underwent transformation.

According to people’s needs, tile manufacturers turned to producing shapes other than rectangles and squares.

Today, there are round, six-sided, quarter-round and other different shapes available in the market.

Each tile has a special use according to its shape and structure.

For example, 6-sided tiles are commonly used in bathrooms, showers and swimming pools.

These tiles have many beautiful aspects and by choosing these tiles in different colors, you can create a beautiful design and appearance in the place.

That is why people prefer to use them in such places to attract everyone’s attention.

On the other hand, round ceramic tiles are suitable everywhere because these tiles are produced in different designs, colors, grades and qualities.

However, the round cover as a 6-shaped tile has both decorative and ornamental aspects.

The round ceramic is another category of floor and wall covering.

This type is not as well known as other tile classifications.

This type is used in the corners of the wall to cover the gap between the wall tile and the floor.

Also, people use it to hide holes in the wall.

The main and important advantage of choosing ceramic tiles as floor and wall covering is that they make building structures safer than cement and plaster covering.

Similarly, in the past, the risk of building collapse was greater than now.

In general, choosing them allows you to have various advantages apart from their safety. For example, they make the space look more beautiful, unmixed and integrated.

Our company is proud to offer all kinds of these products including round, hexagonal, quarter round and other popular shapes in different colors, designs, dimensions and sizes with high quality and the most reasonable price.

Round ceramic tiles

The tile and ceramic industry is expanding day by day according to people’s needs.

That is why manufacturers are looking for the latest products.

Round ceramic tile is one of the newest shapes with different uses.

Consider that cutting round tiles requires great precision.

These cuts are made with very advanced devices that use the most up-to-date technology and have extremely high accuracy.

This type of tile, like other categories of tiles, has a variety of color, design, quality, grade and size.

People use them on the walls of the kitchen, living room, bathroom and toilet, and most of the pool owners are looking for these ceramic tiles.

The important thing about this tile that should be noted before buying is that it is not easy to install because the slightest mistake in the installation process can damage your interior design and make it look ugly, so be careful. Ask professionals to install the tiles. Tiles for you to have a lovely interior design.

Probably the easiest way to install this tile is to use a special adhesive because cement and clay do not mix and you can easily stick the tile to the surface, you will be surprised that this adhesive can be used to stick new tiles on old tiles. used old Those who

In terms of color variety, you have many options to choose from, for example, people looking for round tiles for their pool can use several blue tiles to cover the pool floor and wall, usually people prefer. Using different colors instead of different designs

Fortunately, the manufacturers of our company have the capacity to produce this type of tile for every taste and style, and you can make the best decision by contacting our sales consultant and get the best tile for your place.

Quarter round ceramic tiles

Another tile shape is quarter round ceramic tiles.

Maybe the role of these tiles in the structure of the building is not very noticeable.

But you must know that even with its minor influence on the structure of the building, it plays a big role in maintaining the facade and appearance of the place.

If you have ever noticed that there is always a gap between the wall tiles and the floor tiles, which is not only unsightly but can also cause the growth of various insects and animals such as ants and cockroaches and even in some cases rats. Therefore, a quarter round handle is used to cover these gaps.

This is not the only situation where this type of tile is used, but it can also be used for design purposes like any other tile. For example, you can draw a border between floor tiles and wall tiles by using a contrasting color of floor tiles and wall tiles, which can have a better effect.

In general, you can use these square tiles to cover the corner of the walls or, like some people, to cover the corner of the wall shelves.

The installation of this type of tile, like other tiles and ceramics, must be done by professionals so that the uncovered part is completely and properly covered, using this coating instead of cement and plaster can make your building safer and Prevent insects and animals from entering your building. .

Our company has succeeded in producing square ceramic tiles in different sizes and colors.

We can offer the best products according to the needs of customers and interior design and budget.

For a better purchase, you can contact our sales consultants.

Round ceramic tiles for crafts

The use of ceramic tiles is not limited to covering walls and floors.

Some ceramic tiles are only for decorative purposes, such as round tiles that are mostly used in crafts, these types of tiles are usually not used for any other purpose, although the unique beauty and elegance that these tiles bring to the environment cannot be ignored.

This tile is made of high-quality materials that are thicker than other types and more resistant to detergents, moisture penetration, heat and cracking.

Due to the great variety in designs, colors and sizes, it is the best choice for people with different tastes and styles.

One of the interesting factors of this product is its traditional and nostalgic appearance, so people who are looking for traditional and modern interior design at the same time.

They can make crafts from floor and wall ceramic tiles to modernize it and round ceramic tiles to make it traditional. Apart from its use in handicrafts, its use in architecture cannot be ignored.

These tiles are used to decorate the entrance of many historical places, especially in countries with historical monuments such as several Asian countries.

They can also be used for the interior design of commercial buildings, restaurants or coffee shops, hotel lobbies, shopping centers and even offices in luxury buildings.

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