Red Mango Fruit That Strengthens Hearing

Mango, skin and hair
One of the properties of red mango fruit is to strengthen hair because it contains vitamin A, which is a nutrient needed to provide skin fat, which also provides moisture to hair.

Also, vitamin A is vital for the growth of body tissue, including skin and hair.

Although this fruit is known as the most characteristic tropical fruit, there are also disadvantages of mango that should be taken into account.

Remove the skin from the mango before eating it, as the skin and mango juice can cause allergic reactions.
People who have a hot temper should not overdo mango consumption.
Consuming mangoes, especially pickled ones, on an empty stomach causes stomach upset.

Therefore, it is better to eat it after food and pickle it with food.
This fruit should be consumed with caution in diabetics because the need for insulin increases by eating this fruit.
Some sellers use calcium to ripen mangoes, which causes serious health problems, so it is better to use organic mangoes.

Since mangoes are in the pistachio or cashew family, if you are allergic to pistachios or cashews, you should probably avoid mangoes.
Mangoes also contain very small amounts of uroshiol, which may cause dermatitis in sensitive individuals.
One of the disadvantages of mango is that it has a lot of potassium.

If your kidneys are not working well, it is better to be careful. Too much potassium can be dangerous, if not fatal, because the kidneys may have trouble removing excess potassium from the blood.
Mango interferes with the effect of warfarin pills, if you are taking this medicine, be careful in consuming this fruit.
Mango varieties
After examining the harms of mangoes and of course the properties of mangoes, we will take a look at its types.

There are varieties of mangoes in the world, each sweeter than the last.

Popular varieties of mango include.

Alphonso mango: Alphonso mango is one of the types of mangoes from India and they are called “king of mangoes”.

The reason for this explanation is that Alphonso mangoes are very sweet and juicy.

Francis mango: Francis mango is a type of Haitian mango that is relatively large and has different colors from yellow to orange and light green.

Kit Mango: A large, round mango with dark green skin and a deep red core.

Yellow mango pulp has a sweet taste and contains some fiber.

Kensington Mango: Kensington Pride is a large type of mango from Australia that has yellow and green skin with sweet yellow flesh.

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