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One of the most widely used patterns in Chinese tiles is the wooden facade, which is produced at different prices. Chinese tiles are used for flooring due to their durability. When it comes to flooring, wood is one of the first options that comes to mind. After all, it is traditional, practical and inherently beautiful.

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However, isn’t that the point? It is neither durable nor very durable. Think about the parquet floor you’re dealing with: how many scratches can you expect on a panel? What about watermarks? The proof is in the pudding.

The best part is that technology offers better options. One of them is fake wood tiles. Wood look tiles are constantly evolving. They are no longer simple pieces of wood, but have textured effects and a groove-like appearance.

It all depends on the development of printing technology. Thanks to these, porcelain bodies can mimic real surfaces. Think of the rich, gritty movement of a grooved tile body that you can really feel. Or, thanks to its shimmering palette, a polished finish creates a rich atmosphere.

Whether you’re decorating with a country chic design or a transitional modern design, you’ll find wood-look tiles that match your desired aesthetic. Also, in addition to their unique body, they now come in countless sizes. It was common to find the standard size 6×48 only for this type. However, there are now large 18×36 pieces! So, as you can see, it’s a very diverse world for shingles.

When it comes to finishes, you should be familiar with several different finishes. The simple reason is that some people may attract you more than others. This is normal, after all we all have unique tastes and design projects! So understanding the details is the key to choosing a tile.

Natural: A natural finish is the closest thing to real wood. The body of the tile has a three-dimensional texture, and when you trace it with your finger, it simulates the lines as if it were actually freshly carved wood.

Matte: Matte finish is second only to natural finishes. Although it doesn’t have all the textures of a natural finish, it still feels real thanks to its almost pristine feel.

Polish: Far from natural, but still has its benefits, polish is a cream color for the look of porcelain wood. Why? It looks like solid wood, but only tiles can have that glossy finish. This means that the result is organic elegance.

porcelain tile prices

Different types of Chinese tiles are available in the market with different prices. Compared to the usual types, porcelain is a higher quality ceramic. Porcelain ceramic is a homogeneous, durable and durable product that is made of clay, feldspar, granite and silica under very high pressure and temperature.

The tile material is made of the highest quality materials and has been improved to maximize the durability and resistance of this type of ceramic.

This material turns into a white and dense product with special properties called porcelain. After initial firing, the porcelain surface is covered with glaze and after firing at high temperature it can be sold.

One of the most important features of Chinese ceramics is that the amount of water absorption is close to zero, and the waterproof cabinet panel also has a unique feature. Here are some of our available porcelain tiles.

Full body ceramic
Full-body porcelain ceramics are made of Chinese clay and have exactly the same texture and color. Full body porcelain ceramic is very durable and anti-scratch. Full body porcelain ceramics are expensive. This is unglazed Chinese ceramic. The appearance of this Chinese ceramic is very beautiful

porcelain tile prices

Applications: walls, floors and counters
Main features: water absorption and permeability of this tile is very low and about 0.5%.
Can be used in wet areas such as bathrooms and toilets
Ceramic double charge or two charges
A layer of biscuit and granule powder is used to produce dual-charge porcelain ceramics. In the production of bifurcated porcelain ceramics, the lower part is filled with 70-80% clay powder and the upper part with 20-30% colored clay, and then the two layers are pressed and heated. Two-charge porcelain ceramic is cheaper than the whole body.

Application: It is usually used on the ground.

Glazed ceramic
Glazed ceramics are glazed at high temperature. The glaze used in the production of glazed ceramics creates various designs and colors on the surface of the ceramic, so this glazed ceramic is anti-stain and scratch. Main characteristics: This glazed ceramic is more shiny and resistant

Application: This glazed ceramic is usually used in wall and floor ceramics.

Chinese soluble salt ceramic
Ceramic salt-soluble porcelain is as beautiful as marble. The variety of color and intensity of soluble salt porcelain ceramics has made it sometimes used instead of marble.

porcelain tile prices

porcelain tile flooring

Due to the durability of porcelain tiles, it is highly recommended for flooring. Porslani ceramic is one of the most widely used and popular ceramics in the market due to its impermeability and special production process, strength and durability.

Sometimes this Chinese ceramic is also called artificial stone.

Apparently, one of the reasons for using very high temperatures in the firing stage of these ceramics is to create a glassy state and low porosity.

In fact, Chinese ceramics are produced and sold glazed and unglazed.

porcelain tile flooring

Porcelain ceramics that do not require glazing if the biscuits are to be fired at very high temperatures produce zero-porosity ceramics that are sold as unglazed porcelain. In general, porcelain is baked and produced at a temperature of 1400 degrees Celsius.

To create a shiny, smooth, beautiful ceramic surface, resistant to water and chemicals, the biscuits are covered with fine glaze after cooling and then baked in the oven.

To start the production of Chinese ceramics, a wide range of raw materials are needed, including clay, silica and feldspar. It must be crushed first. After this step, the resulting mixture is sent to one of four molding processes: soft plastic molding, hard plastic molding, press and suspension molding.

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