Marble Tile Fireplace

Marble is undoubtedly the largest material available for fireplace. It not only speaks in both traditional and contemporary styles, but it also boasts a high level of efficiency in terms of retention and longevity.

Unlike their more robust but low-fat composite brothers and sisters, natural stone materials such as marble are more prone to carving.

However, as Dean Athens points out, “The first scratch is the deepest” and since then, the faults have become an attraction to the ancient world. Because it is natural stone, it is a beautiful age of marble.

You can find interesting looking things in cake stores, on Facebook, or even on the street (where personal experiences are spoken here — miracles happen), yet they’re more at risk than others.

If you are lucky enough to have lived in a house with marble fireplaces before, you may just be looking for decorating ideas.

These designer marble fires guarantee that you are in the best hands possible, whether you are refurbishing or you need to be encouraged to walk the marble fireplace path or to pricing a pre-existing path. Find 20 marble fireplaces that you want to add forever to the list below.

Arnette and Piquet did a very good job of adding an existing heater to this area of life. With the wrong design, strange details, like the tiles on the box of fire and the pink columns on the mantel, could draw attention,

But eventually they became the connection factor for the entire structure. They point to geometric cube tables, Art Deco flower decor rugs and other modern and vibrant accessories.

Interior designer Tamsin Johnson used the same marble that surrounds the fire box to frame the door, and added an unexpected touch of glitz while ensuring continuity between regions in the open floor plan. and instead of using marble to go safe, he chose red and purple twists.

A wall with a marble accent on a modern fireplace is convincingly recommended by Catherine Kwong Design. Its edge is more valuable due to the following metal plate.

This old fireplace adds a lot of heat to the small modern living area with marble layers and sounds. A traditional gold mirror on the mantel, neutral tones and limited color schemes helps to tie everything together. Modern and middle-century furniture keeps space contemporary.

If you look closely at this column, you can see that these two pillars are rich in brown color support. The vibrant addition shines in a grim and dark facade of darkness. This dark environment and gallery-like art was created by Nicole Hollis’s studio and featured a strange contemporary mirror on the ledge that serves as art and decor.

An elegant, modest gray marble frame supports a lighter mantel surface and tiled surround. Instead of a sofa directed towards two chairs or a wall to provide a more personal and intimate fireside experience, designer Jae Joo chose two comfortable, large armchairs facing the fireplace.

The fact that marble veining may come in a wide range of colors is one of its lovely features. It links the distinctive dusty orange paint to the brick firebox, the black painted trim, and even the cream walls and khaki accents in this living room by Heidi Caillier. And a little in the hearth area is all that is necessary.

This living room by Corey Damen Jenkins is a breath of fresh air, thanks to its bright white paint. The marble facade’s warmer tones complement the browns and woods while still preserving the atmosphere’s crisp, chilly feel.

The real show-stopper is the complex wall mural that showcases the gorgeous antique molding in this Parisian dining room by Tamsin Johnson Interiors.

Johnson chose a white marble dining table surrounded by black and white Marcel Breuer Cesca chairs in order to keep the design strategy in line with the basic structure of the room while still adding some contemporary flair. The black marble mantel supports a funky contemporary vase.

Pick a pristine white Carrera marble and a flat facade for an ultra-modern marble fireplace. The elegant and silky gray carpet in this living room by Nicole Hollis Studio softens the room while yet incorporating the surface materials and colors utilized throughout.

An open and airy home office created by Breegan Jane features warm swirls of gold intertwined with earth tones. The material reduces the grandeur of the ceilings down to a more intimate, human scale and imparts a refined, formal design to the more informal aspects.

Darker marbles require less upkeep since they conceal soot better. But if you don’t want to leave behind stains that won’t go away, clean it frequently. To prevent persistent stains from soot, keep the area clean.

Here, sky blue paint, an indigo carpet, and a delicate chandelier were used by Arent & Pyke to brighten the gloomy, baroque fireplace.

Take notes if you adore the quirky design. The angular mirror, brilliant orange photographs, marble fireplace, rustic stool, and geometric pottery are all unexpectedly complimented by the softness of the blush pink chairs.

All the juxtaposition in this space works so beautifully. Of course, we’re now looking at the marble with strong contrast. Even if a fireplace is not in use,

it can still be a desirable feature, particularly if it has a charming marble facade as this one does if you want to create the illusion of a flickering flame, group some pine-scented candles together or use the space to exhibit a collection (Elizabeth Roberts filled this one with plants).

Designer Kyrstal Matthews used an antique mantel she bought for a reasonable price on Facebook Marketplace to give her contemporary electric fireplace a traditional facade. Its accent of black and white marble has a particularly regal flare.

Brick doesn’t necessarily look good with modern, monochrome furnishings. The majority of fireboxes, dare we say, are made of brick. The remedy used by Nicole Hollis Studio was to paint them black. This adds depth, conceals grime, and softens the old-fashioned appearance of brickwork.

Natural stones are often used instead of marble stones. But if you look a little closer, you’ll find a ton of gorgeous options that aren’t made of marble. Elizabeth Gundras chose a remarkable quartz board that also acts as a work of art.

Paint the walls around a traditional marble fireplace to give it a youthful feeling (which still respects the veil). The Romanek Design Studio chose a dusty red color to go with warmer, almost pink marble beads. Maintaining the accessibility of a white wooden mantel is simple.

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