Katni marble in Hyderabad was auctioned on Amazon

Cleaning marble stone: One thing to remember about Katni marble in Hyderabad is that the surface behind the stone should always be kept away from moisture.

Also, removing dirt from the marble ensures its durability and long-term beauty.

The price of marble: Since Iran has many marble mines, the price of marble is more suitable than many other stones in our country.

But in general, various factors are effective in the price of marble stone:

Quality of marble stone: Determining the price of Dark Emperador marble, like any other stone, primarily depends on its quality.

The quality of marble stone is determined according to various factors such as design uniformity, high compressive strength, structural density and non-absorption of water.


In a general classification, types of marble are divided into several categories: super, premium, first grade and second grade.

The price of super marble is higher than other types. Of course, in buying marble, you can get the most suitable one in terms of price.

For example, to buy marble for the staircase wall, which does not have pressure on it, there is no need to choose the strongest marble, which has a higher price.

Marble finish: The more the marble substone is, the more polished it is, the more beautiful the structure is, the higher its price will be.

Of course, if resin, polish and epoxy are also used in the process of processing, we will see an increase in its price.

Color and appearance of marble stone: Another factor affecting the price of marble is its color.

The more uniform the color, texture and shape of the marble and the fewer streaks in it, the higher the price.

Size and type of marble cut: All types of marble are cut in different sizes. To buy marble with a bigger size and thickness, you have to pay a higher price.

Artificial marble stone

There is also artificial marble! Of course, the difference between natural and artificial marble can be distinguished with a little precision.

Natural marble is heavier and more durable than artificial marble, but artificial marbles are easier to install because of their light weight.

Artificial marbles have lower water absorption and allow customization to their makers.

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