Dark Chocolate Chips That Makes Hair Smooth

What is dark chocolate?
Dark chocolate, also known as dark chocolate, is a type of dark chocolate chips that has less milk and sugar.

This food is prepared with cocoa butter instead of milk based butters.

Dark chocolate usually has a high volume of cocoa, approximately 60 to 99 percent.

It is the high amount of cocoa and the low amount of sugar and dairy that makes this chocolate special and increases its health benefits.

All kinds of dark chocolate
Dark chocolate can have different types depending on the amount of ingredients and the production process, which you can see below:

1. unsweetened chocolate
It is the purest type of dark chocolate that contains 85-100% bitter cocoa beans.

Many people may not be able to eat this chocolate.

Many companies use it to produce different cakes.


2. Bitter and sweet chocolate
This chocolate has 65-80% cocoa beans and up to 33% sugar.

Since this chocolate is less bitter and at the same time the percentage of cocoa is high, many people consume it.

3. Semi-sweet chocolate
This chocolate has a sweeter taste and its ingredients are approximately 35-60% cocoa and up to 50% sugar.

4. Dutch dark chocolate
Daching is a chocolate production process that was first implemented by a Dutch company.

In this chemical process, chocolate loses its natural color and bitter taste.

Although this chocolate may taste and look good, it loses most of its nutrients and benefits in the manufacturing process.

Therefore, it does not have many of the benefits of pure dark chocolate.

How is dark chocolate different from other chocolates?
The production process of dark chocolate is different from other chocolates.

Although all chocolates have similar ingredients, which are usually cocoa powder, milk powder, and sugar, their amounts are different, and this leads to the formation of different types of chocolates.

Dark chocolate generally contains a higher percentage of pure cocoa, which can range from 30 to 85 percent.

This high percentage makes this chocolate bitter and makes dark chocolate different from other chocolates, including white or milk chocolate.

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