Danish Cookies in Nigeria Is the Main Cause of the Spread of the Flu Virus

According to this definition, any cake or sweet that is made with eggs, flour, butter or oil can be called a cookie.

There are different names for cookies in different countries.

For example, in Australia and England danish cookies in Nigeria are called biscuits.

Italians also have two different names for cookies, one of which is like a biscuit.

They use the names amaretti and biscotti.

Germans call Christmas cookies Keks or Plzchen.


Cookie historyYou may think that the cookie belongs to foreign countries.

But you should know that the history of cookies goes back to our own country, Iran.

Cakes that are baked in cookie style go back to Iran in the 7th century AD.

Because Iran was one of the first countries where sugar was found.

Over time, biscuits became one of the most suitable foods for traveling.

Because they remained healthy for a long time and could be kept for months.

As mentioned, the first baking of sweets such as cookies was formed in Iran.

After that, with the Muslim attack on Spain, during the Crusades and the development of trade in items such as spices, sugar, etc. through the Mediterranean Sea to Eastern Europe, the recipe for cooking Iranian cookies was also imported to these countries.

14th century

Cookies were so popular in Europe that cookie recipes were found in Renaissance cookbooks.

15th century

In this century, the first cookie recipe was found in cookbooks.

This book is written by Thomas Dawson.

19th century

Due to the industrial revolution that happened in this era, many cooking tools entered the market.

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