Cheap Large Ceramic Floor Tiles Price

If you have never worked with ceramic and tile projects, you may be surprised by the variety of small and large, cheap and expensive prices, designs, colors, surfaces, textures and other features of this product. This variety causes confusion for the consumer to make the best decision. Therefore, your budget should be considered.

Among the different categories of tiles such as glass, cement, metal and stone tiles, the most popular types are ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles. What distinguishes the tiles from each other is their composition. For example, ceramic tiles are less dense because they are made of harder clay, while porcelain tiles are made of pure, high-grade clay, making them one of the densest tiles.

But the most popular types are porcelain tiles, which are slightly different from ceramic tiles. The attractiveness of the porcelain tile is due to its ability to imitate natural stone, brick and wood. They retain their beauty and elegance without any maintenance or protection.

In addition, the tile can be used for all purposes such as floor and wall tiles and has a variety of colors, designs and styles to create different styles in your space. Porcelain tiles can even be used outdoors as they will not freeze, scratch or crack.

However, the final decision is yours. You have to choose what type of tile is right for your location. Our experts can help you make a better choice.

Cheap Ceramic Floor Tiles

It can be said that cheap and well-known tiles are ceramic floor tiles, which are offered in different classifications, types, designs and details. Usually, these tiles have simple and non-mixed colors.

The biggest advantage of ceramic tiles compared to other categories such as parquet and laminate is their resistance to water. That is why people choose it for the floor of their building. Ceramic tiles have good heat resistance and as a result are usually used for kitchen counters.

Ceramic tiles have low density, which makes them less durable. However, they are easy to install for those who prefer to do it themselves. However, according to estimates, ceramic tiles can last between 75 and 100 years if properly cared for. Although these tiles can be seen in old structures that still managed to maintain their quality after years.

What makes ceramic tiles so popular is their cheap price as well as their minimal installation cost compared to other types of tiles.

Marazi American Tiles is one of the famous factories producing all kinds of tiles and ceramics. This is basically an Italian factory located in America. There are other factories like Daltil, Amtico, etc.

Our company can provide the best quality ceramic tiles at the most reasonable price, which leads to a safe purchase for everyone who is looking for this product.

Cheap Ceramic Floor Tiles

Porcelain Floor Tiles

According to our information, floor tiles are divided into two classifications, ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles. Because of their similarity in levels, most consumers have difficulty distinguishing between the two categories.

In terms of manufacturing method, porcelain tiles are fired between 2,200 and 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, while ceramic tiles are fired no higher than 1,650 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to their surface, porcelain tiles always have a glossy finish while ceramic tiles are not always glossy. Porcelain tiles are denser and heavier than other types.

Water resistance is the main difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles. Ceramic tiles are not water resistant like porcelain tiles. This potential makes them suitable for use in various environments, especially wet spaces such as bathrooms and bathrooms. In addition, their high resistance to heat and water, as well as resistance to slip and scratches can be considered.

The constant coldness of porcelain and ceramic tiles, especially porcelain tiles, is one of its disadvantages, which, of course, is not taken into account in addition to the many advantages of this tile.

Porcelain tiles have a wide range of prices and are more expensive than other tiles due to the experience they have in the manufacturing process. On the other hand, our company can provide various porcelain tiles at a cheap price.

Porcelain Floor Tiles

Large ceramic floor tile
The newest and most up-to-date floor tiles are large ceramic tiles, which are called tile slabs. These tiles are one of the most popular ceramic tiles today and are used for both the front and the floor of the building. These tiles are the first choice of people for use in luxury places due to their beautiful appearance, high quality and attractive surfaces and colors.

Large ceramic tiles are of good material and quality, and contrary to popular belief, they are made of natural materials. However, we can create any design on the cover through digital printers without changing the quality of this product.

Large ceramic tiles have an impervious layer that makes them perfect for wet areas, as this layer protects the tile from chemicals and liquids.

Also, these tiles have natural hardness and a high penetration coefficient, which makes this product resistant to shocks and external pressures.

These tiles are produced in square and rectangular shape in different dimensions. Their square is 1200 x 1200 mm and the dimensions are 1500 x 1500 mm. The rectangular shapes of the slab tiles include the dimensions of 1200 x 2400 mm and 1500 x 3000 mm.

Since these ceramic tiles have various colors and designs, they can be used in different large spaces of your building, including toilets, bathrooms, halls, etc.

Also, for people who are looking for a way to clean tiles easily, we suggest using these tiles. Because they are easy to wash due to their clear surface.

Tile brand and manufacturer, tile size and dimensions, tile design and color, grading and surfaces and other factors can all determine the price of tiles.

You can contact our experts to find out about the prices of different types of slab tiles.

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