Ceramic vs Porcelain Tiles

First of all, before talking about ceramics and tiles, we need to know about bricks, which were the precursors to making porcelain tiles.

Brick is one of the fundamental changes in human life, which is created from mud and used instead of clay and mud for buildings.

The use of bricks increased and architects started to make smaller bricks to decorate the walls of the building due to the importance of appearance and with the advancement of architecture and the use of glazed bricks, they were able to create designs and patterns on the walls of the building.

The construction of glazed bricks started in a new phase and the builders started to make the bricks thinner. They could create thin glazed bricks, in other words we call them ceramics and tiles.

The best type of ceramic and ceramic tile is Chinese ceramic, which has a high price and has a very different material and quality from other ceramics.

Choosing ceramics and tiles should be one of the most important things that should have many features to meet your minimum needs. Chinese ceramic tiles with a very long shelf life and a reliable choice that can have a very good result for customers. In this article, we mention some important features of this product.

1_ The high resistance of porcelain against pollution and dirt is one of the most important characteristics of ceramics and porcelain tiles.

Ease of cleaning in this type of ceramics and porcelain tiles, it does not absorb dirt stains easily, and these stains can be easily removed with household materials. Another advantage of this ceramic is no need for polishing, because the environment can be cleaned and maintained in the best way with daily cleaning.

2- Chinese tiles and ceramics are somewhat anti-stain, and of course this anti-stain depends on the level of humidity in the environment.

Due to the coating of nano porcelain tiles, it is completely resistant to stains caused by water, food and acidic and fatty substances.

3- Anti-slip ceramic surface. High slip resistance is very important, which cannot be found in other types of ceramics and tiles except porcelain ceramics and tiles.

The use of this ceramic meets environmental requirements in case of liquid spills, it can be easily collected in any environment, while other tiles and ceramics have materials on them that cause spreading and more pollution. and increasing the slipperiness of the floor.

Ceramic and Tile Suppliers Near to You

It is not difficult to find ceramic and tile brand suppliers near you. Just click and test our company. In the past, if you wanted to buy something, you had to travel from town to town. This process took a lot of time and risked millions.

Maybe you have been attacked by thieves. Many of us have heard stories about thieves attacking caravans. But these days we can witness the progress of science. You can get the product you want in the shortest possible time with the highest security.

You can even use an insurance company to protect your order. We can guarantee your purchase and your product from our company to your destination.

Ceramic vs Porcelain Tiles for Shower

The inside of the shower is quite complicated, which is not easy for ceramic tiles. Almost all types of tiles, such as porcelain, are suitable and suitable for bathrooms. Bathroom tiles should be beautiful and easy to care for. Some features of bathroom tiles are:

Beautiful appearance, floor protection against gravity, resistance to household chemicals, non-slip, increased resistance, high resistance to water and heat, and easy and convenient cleaning.

People often use neutral colored ceramic tiles when choosing ceramic tiles for the bathroom floor or ceiling. Because the colors used are more eye-catching and do not allow people to focus on other spaces. As a result, the beautiful design and color of the ceramic wall is more visible and more attractive.

Using large bathroom tiles in the bathroom has many advantages. These bathroom tiles easily cover a large space and clean better than smaller tiles and make a small space look bigger so small places look bigger. The beauty of this tile will be eye-catching in your service space.

For your bathroom, toilet and the walls around your tub and shower, you can use these large molded tiles for your bathroom and shower, which usually have a 3D design.

Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles for Bathroom

If you plan to use ceramics and tiles in different sizes, first make sure that these sizes fit together in the bathroom. Ceramic tiles should fit and you don’t need to fill the space with plaster, glue or cement. Accuracy in choosing the size of bathroom tiles gives overall order to the environment.


The high variety of colors in ceramics and tiles can make the choice difficult and confusing for each person. But if you don’t want to give up your choice, you should choose the color of your tiles according to the environment of your bathroom.

We advise our clients to study the psychology of colors, for example. If natural light does not shine in the bathroom and you have to use artificial light, we recommend using light-colored ceramic tiles. This color of ceramic tiles reflects much more light and as a result the space becomes brighter.

But if the sun shines a lot in the environment, it is better not to use glass and ceramic tiles because the amount of reflection and shine is high and annoying. And other such points.

Our company has many customers all over the world, we work with all countries. Our sales managers will suggest you the right ceramic tiles, but they match the product you want and the place you want with the right color.

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