Ceramic Shower Tray 800 X 800

If you have a small bathroom, it is recommended to buy a bathroom tray that is available in a wide range of dimensions and designs.

The ceramic shower tray has three sizes of 800×800,700×700 and 900×900 mm with the same height as 20 cm. This product is mainly used to separate the shower area from the toilet.

The shower tray is an integrated piece and prefabricated. These ponds are used to hold water in the container and prevent water flow from the edges. The shower tray is a good replacement for floor tile. The components of the shower tray are the flat surface for bathing, water drainage system and ladders to prevent water leakage.

The use of a shower tray, an attractive orientation to the design of the bathroom and to access it does not cost much, and it has a significant effect on the bathroom environment.

Note that if you install the bathroom cabinet (including frameless and frameless models), there will be no need for stone and ceramic edges. Shower trays are made of square, rectangular, and round shape. Shower ceramic tray is said to be increasingly taken into consideration due to its suitable price, high efficiency and integrated design.

Porcelain Shower Tray

If you are looking for a set of beauty, resistance and lightweight shower trays, Chinese bathroom tray can be a good choice.

Porcelain is the newest generation of ceramics. Currently, shower tray manufacturers tend to use ceramics in making shower trays. Porcelain is cooked at high temperatures and therefore its permeability is lower.

Porcelain is a waterproof material with water resistance of about 3 tenths of a percent, while water absorption in ceramics is 5-10 percent.

One of the reasons for Porcelain’s popularity in various industries is the variety of designs and colors. They are covered with a layer of enamel to obtain the appropriate shape. Many minerals are used in the process of producing and preparing Chinese glaze, each of which has its own characteristics.

With increasing and decreasing the amount of this minerals, the improvement or reduction of some properties of the Chinese trays, including crystal and matt, can be mentioned.

There are different types of Chinese bathroom trays :

Glazed Ceramic Bathroom Tray

Matte or Porcelar Unglazed Bathroom Tray

Polished Ceramic Bathroom Tray

Full Body Tray

Chinese bathroom tray is very cold resistant, can bear sub-zero temperature.

The notable points mentioned above distinguish the Chinese bathroom tray from other ceramic trays of the bathroom.

Real Stone Shower Trays UK

The artificial stone factory has been established in the UK, and after that it is very much needed in various industries. Although artificial stones have become extremely popular, real stones have not lost their popularity yet.

The actual stone trays weigh more heavily than the other types of bathing trays. However, actual stone rain trays are very wide, they are very durable and bearable.

The real stone shower tray combination with a glass shower cabin is one of the luxury options to improve the beauty and elegance of your bathroom.

Marble Shower Tray: It is a very broad and very luxurious type of stone considered, rarely contaminated and keeps its beauty in the long term. The clarity and brilliance of marble have made it a favorite in the health-care industry.

However, marble is moisture-resistant, should not be exposed to moisture for ever. Marble polishing greatly reduces friction so that the risk of slipping and sliding on the surface is higher, therefore, it is not recommended to be installed in the bathroom.

Granite Stone Shower Tray: The granite used in making shower trays has a significant bearing for heating, long lifespan due to its natural nature. It is a natural stone like marble.

Stone Resin Shower Tray

The resin is a transparent and colorless liquid stone that prevents water penetration, covers the surface and makes it waterproof, never change the surface color and gives the wet state to the bathroom tray, which makes it look shiny.

Manufacturers use stone resin to fill holes and seam shower tray. The service protects the bathroom tray from the sun rays and increases the life span of the bathroom tray.

There are many different types of stone resins available in the market, but the best type of resin is naphthalene base stone, which has high strength.

Stone resin is not suitable for floor tiles. The way of applying stone resins on the surface of the bathroom tray should be done as much as possible. Currently, there are two types of stone resin, polyester resin and epoxy resin in the stone industry.

Most manufacturers use polyester resin to cover the shower tray due to its reasonable price, and also epoxy resin is used for extended and modern shower trays. Producers should consider the main points when applying stone resin:

the coefficient of longitudinal and volume expansion of the stone resin should be close to the real stone. It should not be after consumption. Selected stone resin should have high permeability. High adhesion ability of stone resin is another significant point.

Ceramic Shower Trays B&Q

There are many companies that work professionally in improving gardens and designing homes. b&q is a commercial company that works in the retail field, it does not exclusively provide a specific product, it covers a variety of products, for this purpose you are recommended to buy premium shower trays from companies specializing in the health appliance industry and have valuable experience in this field.

Note that most health companies offer updated and unique models of shower trays to the market annually. A ceramic shower tray is a model that any company can design specifically. The ceramic trays are made seamless bathroom and are resistant to moisture.

Ceramic trays are divided into two parts:

Fixed shower tray: As the name shows, when the shower tray is fixed, you can no longer move it. The installation process of a fixed shower tray takes only a few minutes, also it is very simple to repair and clean.

Movable shower tray: The location can be changed, you can move it to any desired point of your bathroom.

Finally, we as a health care company are proud to say that we have been experienced in this industry for many years and our products meet quality expectations so we provide additional cost for our services, we provide our potential customers to choose the great product.

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