An Old Woman Killed a Peddler with Happy Harvest Tomato Paste

To prepare tomato paste in the sun, as the name suggests, you must have a clean space in front of the sunlight.

In the way of preparing tomato paste in the sun, first, after preparing healthy and juicy tomatoes, you should wash them and leave them to dry their excess water.

Then, cut the tomatoes into six or eight parts in large clean pots or pans.

Then expose the containers containing chopped tomatoes to the sun for at least 4 days until the tomatoes are completely crushed.

During these four days, it is better to stir the tomatoes from time to time so that all its parts are exposed to the sun.

Then pass the tomatoes through a sieve to separate the pulp and seeds from the main liquid.

tomato paste

Finally, this process will continue by boiling a mixture of tomato juice and salt until it reaches the desired concentration.

How to make tomato paste in the sun.

The important point in preparing tomato paste in the sun is to ensure that no dust or garbage enters when the tomatoes are exposed to the sun.

For this purpose, you can use thin nets with small holes and transfer it at night instead of a package that can be controlled.

It is very difficult to control the environmental factors and dust to keep the homemade pastes prepared by this method clean and healthy.

Also, the step of eating tomatoes is a very tiring and time-consuming process. Industrial pastes are produced very safe and free of contamination due to the pasteurization and disinfection steps that are carried out during preparation.

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