A Hospital Bed in Kerala That Is Portable

History of the hospital bed
The first ancestors of hospital bed in Kerala were used in medieval times in Britain.

This bed was used only for transporting patients and was made of two iron rods of the same length, whose inner part was covered by a kind of thick cloth.

One type of hospital bed was produced in London between 1815 and 1825, changing plain beds to beds equipped with adjustable side rails.

In making these beds, they used mechanical cranks to adjust the height of the side rails.


In 1909, the hospital bed was invented by Willis Gach in London, and at first these beds were known as plaster beds.

These beds have 3 movable parts and because of the ability to change the patient’s position to a sitting position, they helped people who had problems with bladder and bowel irritation.

Folding beds can be used for overweight people and help patients who suffer from shortness of breath while lying down.

In 1945, hospital beds under the name of push button were invented and produced by General Electric.

The interesting and different feature of these beds, which helped the patients who were unable to move for some reason, was that these beds actually had a toilet, which made the work much easier for the patients and their companions.

Between 1974 and 1978, beds with control panels on side rails were invented, and after that, remote control rails were added to the function of hospital beds.

Later, buttons were added on these panels, by which the height of the breakers and the overall height of the bed could be adjusted electrically.

Adjusting the height of the bed minimizes the risk of falling for patients when moving from one bed to another, as well as when getting off the bed.

Today, there are different types of hospital beds that are chosen according to your medical condition.

Currently, researchers are still developing, designing and building beds with new facilities and according to the new industry standards, more practical, smarter, comfortable and easy to use beds for patient caregivers in the hospital or at home are producing hospital beds.


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