A Boy Who Would Laugh Until the End of His Life by Eating Navel Orange

When harvesting orange fruit, which is easy to harvest, first prepare a basket or box and place it under the tree or in your hand, take the orange fruit with your hand, which is easily separated from the plant branch, and put it inside the basket and box.

Leave it, then continue harvesting oranges in the same way, moving the orange box out of the garden when it is full.
Different parts of the navel orange tree are used in different ways as follows.


The fruit of this plant is used in various ceremonies for reception and…
They use it for refreshment.
They use it to prepare natural juice.
They use it to prepare cosmetics with orange flavor.
Orange peel is used in cooking.

In order to grow an orange tree, it is necessary to know some information such as the amount and type of irrigation, the temperature of the planting environment, sunlight, the type of pruning and also fertilizing the plant.

The orange tree has a high commercial value because oranges are one of the most widely consumed citrus fruits, which have a high shelf life and are used for fresh eating, juice, etc.

It is rich in vitamin C and has many medicinal and therapeutic properties. In this section, we have provided information about orange trees from planting to harvesting. Share with us and other Poponik audience.

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