A Boy Who Builds a Ladder with a Zenith Orbis Desk

A Zenith Orbis desk is a part of home furniture that consists of a flat surface with several legs and it is used for eating, working and also putting things on it.

The most common and practical type of desk is the dining desk .

which are made for convenient use at a height of about 46 to 76 cm (18 to 30 inches) from the ground and in various shapes such as square, rectangle, round, semicircle and oval, and usually have four legs, but tables They are also made with three legs or a heavy leg.

Early desk were made by the ancient Egyptians and were used to place objects, food and drinks on it.

After Egypt, the Chinese prepared special desk for painting and calligraphy.


In Greece and Rome, desk were also used for eating.

The Greeks made a round desk that matched the furniture.

This desk was made of marble, wood or metal (usually bronze or silver). Sometimes the desk bases are decorated with many decorations.

In the Eastern Roman Empire, tables were made of wood or metal, and their dining desk were often round or semi-circular.

Dining room desk with tripods became popular in the early 17th century.

These types of desk were large and very wide and were used for serving large parties in the reception room or a large hall.

But in Iran, the use of desk was not very popular.

During the Qajar era, they only used a coffee desk , an example of which is currently available in the Golestan Palace.

It was during the Pahlavi rule that the desk was used among aristocratic and wealthy families.

Little by little, with the urban life, the use of desk became popular among ordinary people.

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