A Boy Who Builds a Ladder with a Computer Desk in Nigeria

Very old computer desk in Nigeria have been discovered in Egypt, which were made of metal or stone and were used to place objects, but were not used for sitting.

Ancient Greeks and Romans also used tables.

The history of the table is mostly used together with the chair.

The top of some tables have hinges and can be opened and closed, and sometimes they are adjustable.

Some tables also have detachable parts.

Some of the tables are small and foldable and portable.

Tables are also installed in airplanes and some cars behind the seats, which are very small and are used for eating in these places.


Tables often have four legs, but some may have only one leg in the middle or have other designs.

Three legged tables were very common in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries and were used for placing candles or drinking tea.

We all know the table as a piece of furniture that has four legs.

With a flat surface on that stool, which surface is used for eating or working.

Writing desks, dining tables or dining tables, bedside tables, as well as specialized tables such as architects’ drawing tables and light tables used in photography can be mentioned, but what does history say about the table?

Old desk
History of the table The above desk was made in 1759 and made of oak wood, and the legs of the table are all made of bronze. The top of the table is made of stone covered with leather, and the height of the table is 80.6 cm and its length is 176 cm.

It is currently in the Heinz Metropolitan Museum.

The first tables that were made in ancient Egypt were around 2500 BC and were made of wood or white marble.

These tables, which have a heavy surface, were used to keep objects away from the ground.

In ancient China, the first tables were used for writing, painting and producing works of art.

The Greeks and Romans had more uses of the table.

In ancient Greece, the dining table was moved under the bed after use.

The Greeks also had small tables whose bases were of legendary characters.

Wood and metals such as silver or bronze alloy are used in making the table.

Table bases have subtle roles.

In the Middle Ages, the table was not used as much as before or after it, and only the nobles used it.

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